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Dear One

Dear One,

I am writing to remind you of things you already know. Innocence is everywhere. You may be tempted to look at the misbehavior of others and declare, “Guilty,” but this is only because your focus is too narrow.

Imagine a Love so big that it takes in the whole picture, sees the inner pain that causes the arrows to fly, the walls to come up, or the heart to withdraw and isolate. If you can glimpse, even for a moment, that wider perspective then all the judgment that you harbor against others would dissolve in a flash. It wouldn’t make sense. All that would be apparent is innocence.

Holding this larger view does not mean that you don’t lovingly set boundaries when people are acting unskillfully, but it DOES mean that you do so with great compassion and empathy, knowing that, just like you when you misbehave, they are doing it as a means to cope. Innocence is everywhere.

Remember, this moment is an opportunity to connect to Love, and therefore, to live into the fullness of who you are.

As always, do what best awakens you to love,

Your Inner Wisdom

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Dear One

Dear One

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