Enneagram Consultation

     The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-awareness which helps us identify our main coping strategies, the way we try to get love, the way we react when stressed, what we do when we don't get our needs met, and how we approach problem-solving.

     Knowing our strategies for survival helps us to highlight the ones that work well for us and to change the ones that sabotage our best efforts to thrive.

      Embarking on the Enneagram journey is a gift you give yourself for living your best life with freedom and intention.

     The initial consultation includes a thorough assessment to determine your type, and the follow-up session is to keep you on track with your objectives.

To schedule an enneagram workshop for your company or private group, contact Rev. Ani at ani.for.christ@gmail.com.

~available by Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom

Spiritual Direction

        “If we could lift the veil and if we watched with vigilant attention, God would endlessly reveal himself to us and we should see and rejoice in his active presence in all that befalls us.  At every event we should exclaim,

“It is the Lord!”  

~Jean Pierre de Caussade, Christian mystic

One-on-One Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is about finding God in all things. It provides a safe place to discuss what is going in in your life--your fears, emotional reactions, hopes, and joys--with a person who listens deeply, helps you name the hidden movements of your heart, and provides unconditional positive regard. It is called “spiritual” because the premise is that the Holy Spirit is guiding the process, and your life is seen as a spiritual journey.  

Spiritual direction does not address psychological illnesses or provide a “3-step plan” to solve problems.  

The assumption in the spiritual direction process is that, once the underlying discomfort is named,

the directee can turn to their own Inner Guidance for how to proceed.

- available in person, by Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime 

Books to Nurture Your Soul