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Enneagram-Based Mentoring

First session:

Identify your conditioned habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving.


~available by Zoom, Facetime, or in person

Here's what you get!

Second session:

Learn about how to gain freedom from your conditioned habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving.


For more information on the Enneagram Personality Typology System, visit here:



Monthly follow-up sessions:


Keep you on track and help you monitor your progress.




Enneagram-based mentorship is $40 per hour.

A sliding scale is offered to those whose budget will not accommodate that price.

Contact Rev. Ani at 337.288.7022 or by email at

for more information.

To schedule an enneagram workshop for your company or private group,

contact Rev. Ani at


"I have known & worked with Ani for several years in different capacities & can wholeheartedly say that I believe her heart is made of pure gold. She not only has deep knowledge and expertise in Enneagram work, but she has a striking ability to offer nonjudgmental guidance on how to work with it in real life. She has offered me much insight and gentle guidance in navigating my own understanding of how to move through the world with more ease, compassion, and in a way that supports my authentic self. I highly recommend working with Ani! ~M. S. M.

"Having been 'stuck' in my head and own efforts to still the restlessness in my spirit these last many months, I was delighted and amazed at how quickly I was able to drop into the 'heart' of the matter with Rev Ani’s gentle promptings. Vulnerability is difficult for me, but knowing she 'sees' me without judgment also helps me to do the same by claiming my essence and to better understand and become more aware of when my ego mechanisms are engaged; helped me gain clarity and commitment to the centering practices I so desperately need to lead me to a sense of wholeness and belonging. I am in deep gratitude for her wise, loving guidance." ~A. L.

"A most welcoming and loving experience! Thank you for the literal and figuratively arms open embrace from you and your home. It was a safe space. Sharing my journey was like being with a wise, trusted friend, and I look forward to more visits and discoveries."

~ C. H. S. 

"I immediately felt a connection with Ani and felt complete trust and respect for and with her…I find the enneagram study just fascinating and a wonderful road for finding oneness within…I have seen many therapists and counselors and immediately knew I wanted to connect with Ani after she held a workshop for our book group…amazingly intuitive and kind…so grateful to have her guidance." ~ C. D.

". . . a space of pure nakedness for my soul . . . a place I can say and share absolutely anything. I am so grateful not only for the space but for the wealth of knowledge and wisdom Ani has and offers." ~N. B.

Spiritual Direction

        “If we could lift the veil and if we watched with vigilant attention, God would endlessly reveal himself to us and we should see and rejoice in his active presence in all that befalls us.  At every event we should exclaim,

“It is the Lord!”  

~Jean Pierre de Caussade, Christian mystic

Psalm 139from there to here
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One-on-One Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is about finding God in all things. It provides a safe place to discuss what is going on in your life--your fears, emotional reactions, hopes, and joys--with a person who listens deeply, helps you name the hidden movements of your heart, and provides unconditional positive regard. It is called “spiritual” because the premise is that the Holy Spirit is guiding the process, and your life is seen as a spiritual journey.  

Spiritual direction does not address psychological illnesses or provide a “3-step plan” to solve problems.  

The assumption in the spiritual direction process is that, once the underlying discomfort is named,

the directee can turn to their own Inner Guidance for how to proceed.

- available in person, by Zoom or FaceTime





Spiritual direction companionship is $40/hour.
If your budget will not accommodate that amount,
please contact Rev. Ani at 337.288.7022
to coordinate an amount that is right for you.

Books to Nurture Your Soul

Armchair Mystic

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Praying the Ignatian Examen

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God, I Have Issues

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The Interior Castle

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The Story of a Soul

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Julian of Norwich

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New Seeds of Contemplation

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Dark Night of the Soul

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The Naked Now

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The Way To Love

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God's Voice Within

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