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Self-Acceptance & Self-Forgiveness

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

~a love note from your Inner Wisdom

Dear One,

I am writing to remind you of things you already know. No matter what, don’t feel bad about yourself. The mistakes you make are necessary for you to learn and grow. You may regret your unskillful actions and choose to apologize and make amends, but don’t amplify the problem by judging yourself.

When you make unskillful choices, it doesn’t mean that you are “bad.” Evil actions don’t originate from evil people. You have probably heard the saying, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” Unskillful behavior choices or evil actions originate from being disconnected from the Love within you. Being blinded by insecurity and fear leads to unskillful behavior. Being grounded in Love is the prerequisite for skillful choices.

Your essence doesn’t change according to your choices. What has the potential to change is how you view yourself. Judging yourself for your mistakes creates more insecurity and fear and perpetuates the cycle; so stop dwelling on yourself and what you’ve done. Admitting your mistakes, forgiving yourself, making amends, and then letting it go comes from reconnecting to Love. Practice self-compassion, and be gentle and kind to yourself as you choose again. Integrating your shadow side requires radical self-acceptance.

Remember, this moment is an opportunity to connect to Love and so to live into the fullness of who you are.

As always, do what best awakens you to Love,

Your Inner Wisdom


Dear friend,

May your mind be peaceful and calm, may your body be relaxed and comfortable, and may your heart be filled with love.

Thank you for reading.

Blessings and gratitude, Ani

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