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Being That Safe Person

~a love note from your Inner Wisdom

Dear One,

I am writing to remind you of things you already know. When someone feels powerless and imprisoned by circumstances, their pain has to go somewhere. Often times, it will be unconsciously projected onto the person who feels safest to them. In this way, they can diffuse their intense discomfort. Now the recipient of their projection is left to deal with the shrapnel, and it hurts.

Except in the case of abuse or neglect, being the recipient of another’s pain can be a sacred service. With appropriate boundaries in place, a commitment to authenticity, and attunement to your own emotional safety, you can choose to receive the projected anger, whether passive aggressive or overt, into the spaciousness of the Love within you.

This does not mean that you are offering yourself at the whipping post. Rather, through your own non-reactivity and compassionate presence, you allow their unacknowledged anguish to be released and dissipated without taking their behavior personally. Seeing this stance as a service that you are offering can help you to persevere in the midst of challenging, transient circumstances that arise as a natural part of life — such as terminal illness and financial devastation.

Remember, this moment is an opportunity to connect to Love and so to live into the fullness of who you are.

As always, do what best awakens you to Love, Your Inner Wisdom


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