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What Lovers Do

Poems From The Porch

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Today is a good day to fall in love,

so I think I will start by falling in love with my body

and appreciating the wonderful vehicle it is for me to experience

the miraculous gifts of taste, touch, smell, vision, and hearing.

Then I will fall in love with all the people I encounter today,

taking particular notice of their beauty

and thinking the best of them.

I will fall in love with my home

and all the comforts it offers me,

the homey kitchen smells, the cozy living room,

and the comfy bed that welcomes me after a long day.

I will also fall in love with the meaningful service

that I offer to others throughout the day,

in gratitude for my divinely-graced talents

and the skills I have developed.

And you know what?

I’ll even fall in love with myself,

oh blasphemy,

recognizing how hard I try to be patient and kind,

forgiving myself when I fail,

and encouraging myself when I feel down.

Heck, I’ll even offer myself a helping hand today when I need it

because that’s what lovers do.

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