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What Love Does

Poems From The Porch

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Another bright, crisp morning

invites the sky to widen

and the chimes to sing out.

The elderly water oak is

lazily releasing its leaves in

spiral droplets.

To be alive here now,

to embody the grace of noticing,

to see,

to see the contrast of light and shadow on the crepe myrtles,

a metaphor for my moods,

to hear,

to hear the persistent cry of the rooster,

a reminder that there is a part of me

that wants to be heard,

to feel,

to feel the warmth of the fire next to me,

a reassurance of unconditional caring,

are all benevolent gifts of the Great Provider,

Immanent Sustainer, the Luxurious Lover

of us all.

I suspect that the mighty oak

will always have leaves to offer

or shelter to give

or even itself to be burned


that’s what Love does.

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