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Updated: Mar 7, 2022


What Just Happened?

One moment I was fine; no one was abusing me or neglecting me, but someone said something or reacted to something I said or an event happened, and now I feel really uncomfortable.

I just got triggered (flooded/activated). (and/or the other person just got triggered/flooded/activated)

~Someone said something or did something that touched a wound in me (and/or the other person) which caused discomfort, or something happened, and I feel powerless.

Now I am telling a story in my mind about how I am a victim.

But . . .

There is no one to blame for my feelings.

An event is not personal (life happens), and another person’s behavior is not about me.

I take this situation out of the “bad box” now.

This is an opportunity to love (myself and the other person).

Higher Power, help me see this differently.

What am I feeling? (hurt, afraid, ashamed, angry, frustrated, lonely, sad, guilty, tired, overwhelmed, embarrassed, resentful, vengeful, defensive, irritated, restless, rejected, betrayed, etc.)

What do I need? (a change of scenery, time alone, a bath, a walk, to talk, to journal, to read, to pray, to create, to listen to music, to play music, to work out, to scream into a pillow, to cry, to be with friends, etc.)

I acknowledge my feelings to myself and give myself what I need.

If there is a boundary needed, I set it. (whether physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual)

As I take care of myself, my heart of compassion naturally opens.

I forgive myself and/or the other person for not meeting my expectations of perfection in the moment and/or I forgive life for not being the way I think it should be.

I remember that I am powerless and cannot manage people or circumstances.

I do what best awakens me to love and brings me joy.

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