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This Moment Now

Poems From The Porch

I brought a folding chair out to the field to watch the sunrise

and toasted the morning with my coffee,

just because I could.

This moment now—this one sitting by the fire and hearing it crackle,

this one being dazzled by lavender, pink, and peach hues,

this one listening to the wind move through the trees

and feeling the cat on my lap silently kneading

This moment now—this one writing in my journal

and hearing my husband in the kitchen,

this one feeling a furry kitty give my finger an affectionate lick

and petting, in rounds, each of the three cats on my lap

Now the sun has finally cast its rays upon the grass,

enlightening the day,

and the eyes of my soul are also filled with light

and the gratitude that only present moment awareness can bring.

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