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The Answer Within

Poems From The Porch

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The winds are shifting this morning

presently from the north,

then from the east,

a whirlwind of invisible movement.

Now stillness descends

revealing the calls of the dove and rooster,

along with the refrains of the birds flying in waves,

and the crackle of the fire.

The chimes were gleefully ringing

but without the wind,

they utter not a sound.

Hindus describe the three gunas:

rajas, tamas, and sattva.

The light of sattva produces balance

between the inertia of tamas

and the activity of rajas.

Movement is necessary

in the interdependent manifestation of life.

Without rajas, the chimes don’t ring,

but with over-stimulation,

their melodious potential becomes a chaotic cacophony.

Just so with the lure of tamas,

much needed rest provides renewal and energy,

but fearful torpor or avoidant inertia

result in stagnation.

Now the chimes are gently singing

for the wind is again offering

her gift of inspiration,

an ebb and a flow.

This process may be trusted,

an invitation for wu wei and yoga,

the surrender of going with the flow,

the opportunity to join with the higher consciousness of Love.

What is my dharma—

mine to do right here, right now?

Sattvic Light dawns when

simplicity is honored.

Love always offers the answers,

illuminates the way,

and guides the intuition

for a listening heart.


Quiet now.

Be still.

You already know.

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