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Thank You, Dr. King

Poems From The Porch

The blue sky calm of my peaceful porch environment

belies the social unrest that is rumbling

like a growl in the throat of a menacing canine.

I am turning for solace to the voice of Love

spoken through the powerful preaching

of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

on this day set aside to honor him.

In Paul’s Letter to American Christians,

his inspired and timeless, imagined epistle,

I find the Truth that I seek.

“Let no man pull you so low that you hate him.

Always avoid violence.

If you sow the seeds of violence in your struggle,

unborn generations will reap the whirlwind of social disintegration. . .

Love is the most durable power in the world . . .

the highest good is love.

This principle is at the center of the cosmos.

It is the great unifying force of life.

God is love.”

So I pray for peace beyond politics,

ethical action that promotes economic stability,

and benevolent brotherhood that builds bridges

through compassion and mercy.

And I commit to having an hospitable heart

and to abide in the hope that does not disappoint

because I know with all certainty

that Love never fails.

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