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Sweet Surprises and Tender Gifts

Poems From The Porch

A duck just flew low in front of the porch,

and a bright, red cardinal alighted on the bare crepe myrtle.

The air is alive with the sound of melodic birdsong and chimes,

with the swirling gusts moving through the trees providing the wind section.

There is a pinecone in the yard pretending to be a squirrel,

it’s faux tail is a scrawny limb to which it is still attached.

It’s a homey day—

Sunday pancakes, schoolwork needing attention, a vigorous walk,

then afternoon recreation and a meal with family—

sweet surprises and generous gifts abounding,

one thing after another laid before me for my enrichment,

the simple offerings of the One Who loves me tenderly.

My opportunity is to recognize and appreciate them for what they are,

in humble reverence and gratitude.

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