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Rest, My Child

Poems From The Porch

The warmth of the sun spreads over me like a healing balm

and the vast emptiness of the vibrant sky

reminds me that every moment is laden with potential.

A day of healing rest, void of thinking,

is inviting me into Love’s replenishing embrace.

To answer the invitation

without justification or self-recrimination

brings a sense of liberation.

To be aware of what I need

and to give myself the option of receiving it,

letting go of the shoulds and oughts

and trusting in Divine Provision,

offers solace and peace.

It’s funny to think about the demands I place on myself

and the internal angst they cause.

When I consider myself as a child

and take the role of loving mother to myself,

then if I see my child needs a nap,

well, I rock her to sleep

or tuck her in bed and read a soothing story to her

until her little body and curious mind relax

and she drifts into a needed slumber.

What I don’t do to my precious child

is start imposing expectations on her

that she has not the capacity to meet in that moment.

I don’t, for example, suggest that she say “Yes”

to the invitation of going to her friend’s house to play.

I don’t urge her to pick up her toys immediately.

I don’t force food upon her, as if eating will relieve her fatigue,

and I don’t suggest that it is time for her to take a bath.

Perhaps most importantly,

I don’t judge the child for being tired

or call the child selfish.

No, being attuned to her needs,

as an attentive caregiver is,

I offer the appropriate response

that would best support her

and trust that as her needs are met,

she will naturally thrive.

So today, I consent to Love’s bidding to rest and be restored,

taking the role of loving mother to myself,

and not worrying about the things that aren’t getting done.

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