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Poems From The Porch

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And Released

I used all my coping skills

and still the sadness came in waves,

an apt lesson that

mindfulness and embodied presence

do not dissolve grief

but acknowledge and tend it.

There is a gift in being fully

present to oneself in sorrow.

It is the companionship of Love

not to avert my own eyes

or redirect attention,

not to discount and distract,

not to deny

the sadness, real and unrelenting.

To stay,

stay with it,

stay with the feeling,

to stay with myself;

Love’s tender abiding

seeing me through to the next moment,

the next heart-centered sob,

the sound of a tender heart breaking.

To stay with that sound,

to tend it,

to wipe the brow of grief,

to look grief in the eyes—

my own grief.

To feel the grip,

grief grasping for comfort,

for relief,

for a warm embrace

saying, “Everything will be okay.”

And everything is already okay.

Jesus told Julian that all will be well,

a mantra to hang onto like a lifeline.

All will be well, and all will be well,

and all manner of things shall be well.

Repeating it to myself

like a mother calming baby,

the voice of Love reassuring.

Receiving the gentle cooing,

an innocent child seeking nourishment,

colicky and distressed,

no fault to be assumed or projected.

For babies hurt when a tooth

pushes through.

The baby doesn’t trust the process;

she trusts the mother,

the One Who cares for her dearly.

Mother will provide

Mother will sustain.

Mother will guide.

Mother is Love.

Mother Love.

Love is Mother.

Grief now subsiding in the

arms of Love.

Comfort received.

A deep breath of Fresh Air in

and released.

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