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Poems From The Porch

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Blind Spots Revealed

The fog is lifting away from the day,

as well as from my misty vision.

To learn a lesson,

to see it clearly,

brings a lightness of heart.

To know that a powerful trigger

exposes one’s own vice

is humbling.

I see it now,

how my dislike of the other

is the disdain for

my own pride;

the revulsion for the other,

the disgust in

my own arrogance.

How amusing to think that,

all these years I thought

it was the other I didn’t like,

the other that I was judging.

Funny now to realize

that literally everything

is a reaction against

the disowned parts of myself.






Thank you,

powerful mirror to my own blind spots,

the enemies of my best self, now seen.

I don’t like your pride or mine,

but I love you.

I don’t like your arrogance or mine,

but I love you.

The fog has evaporated

revealing the dawn of a new day.

free to love you,

free to love me.

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