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Poems From The Porch

A Magic Revelation

Pink, purple, and lavender sky

Flame dancing within the votive,

yellow and green

A magic revelation of the sun rising red

illuminates coral trees, only briefly

What wonders await the waking of the day?

Hello jay, grey and blue.

Good morning, snuggly kitty.

Just to love.

Just to love this.

Letting go of the need to be or do anything else.

The judging mind likes to compare and find fault,

within and without,

denying the sufficiency

of the ever-immediate now.

The restless mind seeks solace

in stories of villains and victims,

victorious never to be.

For victory would assume that one can win as another loses,

a fallacious fantasy of freedom.

One’s loss is not another’s gain because

we are one living organism

expressing Love’s affection.

Does not the body hurt when a toe is lost?

Villainous toe.

He had it coming.

Look how he crowded out the appendage next to him.

Not to be tolerated.

Lop him off.

And what about the colon

reveling in the heart’s glory,

feeling shitty and loathsome

when admiring the pump of life churning?

Nasty, noxious narratives

notoriously serving no one.

A common error when

appearance is mistaken for Essence.

Have you surmised and supposed the remedy for this folly?

It is right before your eyes,

and yet within your hearing,

felt and tasted here and now.

Appreciation accessed

amends judgment applied.

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