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Poems From The Porch

Sacrificial Offering

Three gentle cat companions

have gathered on my lap this morning

to snuggle with me before the fire.

Their warm homey-ness is a grounding influence.

High up above, and out on a limb,

a chipper squirrel is enjoying breakfast.

His aspiration is to a greater height.

The problems of the world can wait until another day

for their solution and resolution.

My internal musings,

random and unsettled,

are drifting away with the smoke,

along with the provocation of speech.

Both are sacrificial offerings of Love

to and for all that is.

The simplicity of this life is quite apparent

when the obstruction of ideas and mindless orations


Full embodiment and grateful awareness

allow the totality of rest

in the beauty of Now.

I am,

eternally and infinitely.

In silence is great repose.

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