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Poems From The Porch

photo by Jonathan Sebastiao on


I am so excited today,

and I just can’t help it.

A daring patch of rust has emerged in the rain tree,

and the fuchsia-red roses are clumped in two bold masses.

The sky has opened her arms full wide

to offer an expanse of possibilities.

Fresh, cool air meets one deep breath after another

as I receive the majesty of the day.

I can feel joy vibrating in my cells and infusing my heart,

the fecund sustenance of my blood

spreading an abundance of good cheer.

Alive, alive, alive!

I am awake and attuned,

captivated and inspired!

The smile on my face

mirrors the grin in my heart,

and it has reached my eyes.

I know that they are twinkling

because everything looks radiant,

imbued with glory

and effulgent with light.

Pull up the shades.

Remove the blinders.

See the Love that is here,

within and without.

This day,

this one day,

has arrived

just for you.

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