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Poems From The Porch

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Oh, Tender Heart

The world is wide awake this morning,

its sunny disposition inviting joy.

Come out, little shadow creatures,

and receive the light of day,

bask in the Light of Love,

and let your spirits be healed.

What lurkers are hidden in their subterfuge,

poised to steal the grace of this moment?

Their costumes are many.

There is Unskillful Behavior that needs to be acknowledged,

False Beliefs that are waiting to be released,

Forgiveness that yearns to be offered,

and Obstinate Claim on Control that longs to be surrendered.

The disguises of resistance are pernicious and perfuse.

Yet only what remains hidden can exert its effect.

Come out, come out, come out and play,

oh, sycophants of Life Abundant!

Open and breathe and relax, oh tender heart!

There is nothing to fight or to fear.

See the demons of darkness have disrobed from their costumes

and are dancing in the illuminating Ray of Awareness,

awaiting your recognition and embrace.

There they are, the little dear ones,

who sought to protect your pride

and assuage your fear,

now included,

now transcended.

Oh, tender heart, state the error of your ways,

claim the truth of Love’s preeminence,

and forgive the illusory offenses that you have hoarded.

Let go, let go, let go!

Receive the joy of freedom.

The world is wide awake,

and now,

so are you.

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