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Poems From The Porch

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A Glorious Orchestration

The moon is smiling shyly in the morning sky,

glimpsed like a wink between the clouds.

Brother Blue Jay came to say “hello” from the nearby crepe myrtle branch,

tilting his head in acknowledgment.

Sister Squirrel is gingerly picking her way along an oak limb,

entranced with a particular in one spot.

Fluffy Kitty has noticed her activity and squats,

as if to pounce.

Our squirrel sibling sees her feline stalker

and begins gyrating her tail and chirping a chide.

The world belongs to all of us.

A light mist is providing the opening act

for the eagerly anticipated showing of the Sun.

It is so easy to feel insignificant,

knowing that each of us is less than a dot

on a tiny planet circling a little star

in one galaxy among countless,

in our ever-expanding universe.

Yet, Life is waiting for Me to show up today,

as fully myself,

along with the Sun.

My note in Love’s grand symphony

is necessary and expected,

an integral part of the universal composition,

whose melody is heard everywhere right now.

My heart swells in gratitude

for the opportunity to sing my part

in such a glorious orchestration.

The mist is clearing,

and the Sun is making his appearance,

dazzling the day with his rays.

The moment has arrived.

The time has come.

Sing on, Brothers and Sisters,

and unashamedly!

Now all of Life is waiting for You to show up,


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