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Poems From The Porch

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The North Star of Love

The squirrels were active this morning,

one dashing across the field,

another rushing up the pecan tree.

The sky shown periwinkle,

then transitioned to white.

The world has a unique feel when the sky is white,

like a blank sheet of construction paper

waiting to be colored.

I am noticing how my emotions color my experience in this moment,

perceiving them arise and subside,

along with the physical sensations that accompany them.

These feelings are a reaction to what someone said

about an issue that is important to me.

They took a stance that felt incongruent with my values,

and I observed myself wanting to take sides,

to create a problem between us

when none exists;

watching myself conclude that

because this person cherishes this idea

that differs so much from my own,

that I cannot possibly relate to this person,

that they are somehow an alien other.

The responding anger, sadness, and melancholy

subtly fuel a pernicious despair that all is lost.

Have you ever felt that way—been seduced by duality,

then created a problem by thinking it into existence?

Ideas are only divisive when we use them like a compass

to steer our lives,

instead of following the North Star of Love.

Thank you, dear one,

for the opportunity to practice detachment today,

for providing the sandpaper that helps me grow in

mindfulness and Love

and reminds me to join,

not oppose.

Thank you for assisting me in living into Union

by releasing the commentary of my mind,

and merging again with this present moment,

this holy moment.

Awake again, there is just the gentle breeze

and the tinkling of the chimes,

the rustling of the leaves,

and the cawing of the crows.

Right here, I see the candle flame swaying and

smell the incense which was gifted to me by my son.

The emotional energy passes,

and I have said nothing,

have only watched it surge and dissolve away.

Now I see that the squirrels are playing together,

and my heart smiles.

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