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Poems From The Porch

Twirling and Dipping

One drop of dew is glistening like bling

this morning on a wisteria leaf.

When the light changes,

it will no longer be visible.

A flock of birds is diving whimsical patterns in the field.

The designs will disappear when the fliers settle in for a perch.

It’s so easy to want to cling to experiences and people,

knowing that everyone and everything only appears

for a moment in time.

When suffering is present,

there is comfort in knowing that the nature of the world

is change.

When delight abounds,

the desire arises that the pleasantness would last forever.

What meaning is to be made in a world of dualities,

where pleasure and pain are intertwined in a circular dance?

In my imagination, I see the dancers in a loving embrace,

eyes focused adoringly on one another,

every now and again executing a twirl and a dip.

What an extraordinary waltz!

The beauty and meaning in the movement

is evident in their passion

and in the Love

that continually creates and sustains the flow.

The dew sparkle is gone from sight now.

In the distance, I notice that the birds are taking flight again,

their aerial acrobatics a jitterbug in the sky.

An awareness of the beautiful waltz remains within me,

and I am grateful for this life,

my turn on the dance floor.

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