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Poems From The Porch

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A Context Of Grace

The smells of home envelope me this morning,

a mix of sweet candle and patchouli.

My feline friends are companioning me in stillness,

one on my lap

and one on the overturned ceramic jar next to my rocker.

A Zen-inspired adaptation of the Hebrew Psalms is nurturing me today,

reminding me of the context of grace in which my life is situated.

The sun is making a valiant effort to appear,

but seems to have lost his stamina.

We all have days like that.

I take a deep breath,

and then another,

in gratitude for the simplicity and richness of my life.

I am so happy to be here now,

in this place,

on this eternal day,

with its rhythms of prayer, work, fellowship, and rest

—the pattern that I love

and in which I thrive.

This context of grace is overwhelmingly beautiful.

The church bells ring a call to awareness,

a song of Love,

and the rooster and my full heart echo.

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