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Poems From The Porch

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Prayers of a Dog & a Rooster

The wood is crackling on the firepit this morning,

and there is a steady wind blowing from the northeast.

A dog and a rooster are calling in the day,

their insistent chants an invocation to the sun.

One solitary leaf just fell from an invisible tree.

There is so much that we don’t see;

like the efforts people make to be kind,

their internal workings, I mean,

the way they wrestle within themselves

not to take offense to a perceived slight.

The prayers of the dog and the rooster must be working

because the shadow trees have appeared in stark contrast

to the bright, green grass,

and now they’re gone.

Keep praying, my canine friend, and my faithful avian,

for the sun to illuminate the beauty of this world.

I’ll keep praying, too,

especially that I may notice people and how much they try.

I’ll include myself in that awareness,

because, after all,

there is only One of us here.

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