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Poems From The Porch

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Falling Beliefs

The trees are starting to shed their leaves

in preparation for a renewal of purpose.

It is a necessary time—

this period of dormancy.

There are things happening underneath the surface that can’t be seen,

a percolation and preparation,

no less active than the blooming effulgence of springtime.

I am shedding my leaves, too,

letting go of the false beliefs that are not serving me.

I wish that I were aware of more of these drivers

so that I could release one by one,

drop all that is coloring my perspective

and making me suffer;

but alas,

I cannot.

I can only shed the leaves that are showing,

those of which I am currently conscious.

So I let go of this one today,

the one that says,

“A good (person, wife, daughter, mother—fill in the blank)

does (this, whatever it is).”

I see the leaf falling to the ground,

falling, falling,

and joining the soil to produce the fertilizer

that will inform my time of dormancy

and fuel my new growth in the Spring.

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