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Poems From The Porch

One Beam of Love

The sunlight is caressing the straw-colored bales

that are dotting the field like slightly-toasted marshmallows.

The wisteria is showing leaves of rust, yellow, and green,

and the porch pots are still offering their purple blossoms on the vines.

A songbird is singing a solo from the pines,

while a warm fuzziness is purring on my lap.

The coffee wakes up my palette this morning with a pungent greeting.

I am overwhelmed by the preciousness of this life

—a feast for the senses,

and I am grateful for the miracle of my body

that allows me to experience it all.

I am one point of consciousness

with one unique perspective

whose awareness contributes to the all-encompassing totality

of the Great Lover of us all.

I am one beam of Love

shining on all of creation,

a focal point of appreciation and tenderness.

I am the Loving Gaze.

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