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Can You?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Poems From The Porch

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Can you trust . . .

that Life is unfolding naturally and adequately,

without you trying to manage things?

Can you acknowledge and validate . . .

your own feelings as they arise,

without needing them to change?

Can you experience . . .

the pain of your own grief and sorrows,

without trying to escape or numb the sensations?

Can you give . . .

yourself what you need when you need it,

without trying to justify your worth?

Can you offer . . .

respect to others whom you don’t understand,

without closing your heart?

Can you look . . .

with the eyes of Love upon yourself and others,

without the need to classify, categorize, judge, and condemn?

Can you forgive . . .

yourself and others for reacting to their own insecurities,

without needing everyone to live up to your expectations of perfection?

Can you see . . .

the innocence in yourself and others,

without needing someone to take the blame for your pain?

Can you show . . .

your vulnerability by asking for what you need,

without having to be the autonomous, strong one?

Can you let . . .

others take care of you sometimes so that they can be of service,

without seeing yourself as weak?

Can you open . . .

your mind to all possibilities,

without limiting your options to only two?

Can you take . . .

a wider perspective that views your life as a process to be enjoyed,

without seeing it as a to-do list to be accomplished?

Can you relax . . .

and breathe into this moment,

without seeing this day as an emergency?

Can you listen . . .

to the voice of your Inner Wisdom in choosing what is right for you,

without trying to conform to external shoulds and oughts or some objective right thing?

Can you walk . . .

with an empty cup waiting to be filled with the abundant provision of this present moment,

without going to the back of the line?

Can you receive . . .

the Love that is here and now, within and around you,

without putting it off to some future time?

Can you allow . . .

yourself to feel interconnected with all that is,

to experience that intimacy,

without fearing that you will lose yourself in the process?

Can you know . . .

yourself as an integral part of this Magnificent Universe,

without comparing yourself to others?

Can you show up . . .

fully as yourself,

without apology or shame?

Can you dare to believe . . .

that you are loved, cherished, and held by a Benevolent Source,

without having to find a rational explanation?

You can.

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