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Poems From The Porch

photo by Richard Burlton on

Membership in the Human Huddle

The day is grey and cold,

but the lake is no less beautiful than when the sun illuminates it.

There is a bell clanging in the distance

and intermittent waterfowl sounds.

Some of the ducks are playing tag,

skimming over the surface,

then gliding in to float again.

The waves are dancing patterns on the water,

which is flowing in a different direction than usual.

I want to stay outside because it is my last morning here,

but the chill has become uncomfortable.

Two flocks of ducks are tightly grouped together in separate pods.

I wonder if they are cold, too.

It seems that they stick together when times get tough.

It reminds me of how we banded together after the hurricanes this year,

and all the years before.

Now the two ducky flocks have joined one another

and are swimming in a huddle.

There is room for you, too,

and for me,

in our own human huddle.

We are not alone.

We belong.

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