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Poems From The Porch

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I Want To Notice

I want to notice . . .

when someone is feeling low so that I may comfort them.

when someone needs space so that I may give it to them.

when someone is grumpy so that I may detach and not take it personally.

when there is an opportunity to be of service so that I may take it.

I want to notice . . .

when my body is in need so that I may nurture her.

when I am tired so that I may rest.

when I feel overwhelmed so that I may return to balance.

when I am emotionally triggered so that I may do what best awakens me to Love.

when I am filling the space with unnecessary words so that I may become quiet.

when I am acting without awareness so that I may return to mindfulness.

when I am feeling disconnected so that I may center myself in Silence.

I want to notice the personal, everyday miracles of my life

so that I may appreciate them and offer gratitude.

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