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Poems From The Porch

Nostalgia Evoking Gratitude

I love the sound of roosters crowing on a brisk, Autumn morning.

It’s a cozy, wrapped up in a blanket with a neck warmer kind of day.

The air is so still

that the rush of distant traffic is amplified

and the sound of water pouring upward in my mom’s fountain next door is pronounced.

The feel of this new season is distinct,

like the crisp of ripe New England apples

and the crunch of leaves beneath the hiker’s feet at the Louisiana Arboretum.

Memories embedded awaken with the arrival of each new season.

Pumpkins, trick-or-treat, and the anticipation of a new costume

Football games, marching band, and the homecoming bonfire

The bright red, yellow and even, orange, of audacious leaves

Flannel, jeans, boots, and campfire

Marshmallows roasting and smores distributed

Family reunion filled with generations young and old

Far away times and sensations living in a body now,

enriching the awareness of here,

nostalgia evoking gratitude

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