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Poems From The Porch

Relaxing into Humility

When the hummingbird finally rests,

the air becomes still in the absence of the buzz.

The void of words offers the same gift of repose.


is the gift we give ourselves when we feel restless.

The sound of our own voice may serve as a release valve for our emotions,

but it may also be the band-aid that masks the pain.

The medicine for me today is silence.

Sitting alone listening;

being bathed by the day;

lying in the sun, soaking in its nourishment;

exposing my heart to the One Who cares for me dearly;

relaxing into the humility of being completely dependent;

receiving gratefully;

being fed;

a Great Tenderness enfolding, embracing, encompassing me

as I am consoled and rocked by our




“Rest, little hummingbird.”


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