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Poems From The Porch

The Benevolent Sky

The air is abuzz with the hummingbird brigade,

seven nimble youngsters playing tag.

The cats beneath them are mesmerized, as am I.

There are crows cawing from a far-off tree,

and two sparrows vying for king of the oak.

The panorama of sky offers a variety of scenes today.

To the North, the time of winter and preparation,

the darkness of rain clouds hangs heavy with potential.

To the East, the time of spring and budding,

the morning sun is shining peach in a clearing vista.

To the South, the time of summer and growth,

the opening swells wider revealing a horizon of hope.

And to the West,

the fuller possibilities are evident on a palette of blue.

A caressing breeze ushers in the invitation not to fret

when water falls from the sky and wet pain soaks the heart.

The same sky extends the balm of sunny days

when joy percolates in every cell.

Change is a consolation, not a curse,

in the panorama of this life

because the Benevolent Sky is ever-present,

giving us the opportunity to experience it all.


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