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Today, I

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Poems From The Porch

Today, I

Open the sails of my heart

so that I may be propelled by the wind of joy.

Turn my face toward the sun

so that I may receive the warmth of compassion.

Lift the blinds on my eyes

so that I may witness the beauty of the present moment.

Empty the contents of my mind

so that I may have room for the novelty of now.

Ride the waves of my emotions

so that I may be supported and not consumed.

Honor the intuition of my gut

so that I may choose skillful action.

Ground my feet in patience

so that I may know peace with every step.

Bow my head in prayer

so that I may remember those who are suffering.

Extend my hands before me

so that I may offer a gesture of kindness.

Acknowledge the hunger of my appetite

so that I may be nourished by the Love within and around me.

Stand naked before the day

so that I may be clothed in awe and reverence.

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