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Poems From The Porch


The underside of egret wings glow peach when they fly towards the sunrise.

The sky is a mix of pastel pink and blue

painted with feather-white clouds.

The orange yolk of the sun extends into the morning mist

creating an expanse of rich color.

The cratered orb of the moon

seems to be emerging from nowhere

to observe the inhabitants of Earth.

I moved my prayer from the porch this morning

to get a different view of the sun waking up.

When I returned to my rocker,

I discovered that someone else was praying there in my place,

perhaps also seeking a novel perspective.

A mantis, long and lean

with front appendages drawn together in reverence,

was waiting for me.

I beheld him in equal reverence

and then—

no, this really happened—

he turned his head and looked at me.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 12, 2020

I’m so looking forward to the day when all of your beautiful Poems from the Porch will be gathered together in a book, obviously titled “Poems From The Porch”, for me to have and hold and read over and over again and again. To lift me and feed me whenever I’am in need. To relax and pray with when I’m feeling so blessed that I’m moved to tears. To gift to others who I know will feel your lovely usage of words the way i do.

Until then I’ll just keep enjoying and sharing them as you continue to create these uplifting and inspiring works of art.

So blessed to have you as my friend🥰

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