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Poems From The Porch

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

My Natural Habitat

A woodpecker is tapping out his hunger on a tree this morning.

The neon greenness of a lizard blurs across a corner of the porch.

Overhead, two hummingbirds are playing chase.

I hear the swoosh of the broom as my husband sweeps his love.

Now the lizard decides to show himself fully,

pausing atop the porch rail.

The cat who appeared to be snoozing, was not;

his leap like lightning pouncing a strike.

The hummingbirds have found the new feeder.

There is one resting on it now.

Sudden awareness of unity enlivens my heart,

my presence on the porch integral to this ecosystem.

The rightness of my place flows in like nectar.

This is my natural habitat.

mindfulness is my prayer;

appreciation, my gift;

Love, my essence.

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