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Poems From The Porch

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A Gift For Me Today

My husband joined my porch prayer this morning;

not in a formal way, but in the “sit companionably together” way.

It was pleasant to have his hospitable presence.

At the same time that I had that thought,

I looked up from my writing and saw two doves in the yard under the oak tree.

I asked him, “Do doves mate for life?”

He answered, “I don’t know.”

Then we started watching a fluffy tabby who was stalking the doves. When she pressed against the base of the oak, she all but disappeared.

The doves must have been on to her, though, because they flew up to the pine trees.

My husband flew away, too, going into the house to start the tasks of the day.

Are we mates for life?

Instinctively I know that it is true, outside of time.

But I don’t need that reassurance, and I don’t need to cling.

My sister-in-law/friend was young when my brother-in-law died,

yet I know that they are mates for life.

I know that this is true, and I don’t need to define it.

What does it even mean: transient, insubstantial, but true?

Humans think in intangible timelines—constructs of the past and the future—

when right now,

this moment

is the place where we live;

and again now;

and again here.

My husband’s presence is a gift for me today, and I am grateful.

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