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Poems From The Porch

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Vivid Blue

I love the way the fuchsia flowers of the crepe myrtles demand attention

in the foreground of the bright blue sky.

I have this glorious view

because I decided to lay a blanket out on the porch floor and do some stretching.

There is something magical about lying on your back and gazing up at the sky.

There are no clouds right now from which I can imagine shapes.

There is just a vast expanse of vivid blue.

It invites me to muse about the multitude of possibilities that are waiting to be realized

in the vivid blue of my life.

Just like the emptiness of sky-space,

these possibilities are precisely opportunities to experience the diversity of life;

diversities like thunderstorms and hail,

or gentle rain that facilitates growth

and provides a cadence of droplets on the tin roof of this porch.

And there are spring breezes, autumn colors,

and the warmth of the summer sun as it bathes my skin.

Which of these would I choose if I had to limit my options?

What choice would I make to grasp one reality only?

I already know the answer.

I choose it all—the sunshine and the rain,

and I relax into the expanse of sky knowing that it is all gift,

this vivid blue of my life.

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