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My Intention Today

Poems From The Porch

My intention today

is to be fully present

in humble gratitude,

having eyes that are consumed by awe and wonder.

With this in mind,

I make four commitments to myself.

When I feel challenged,

I commit to going down and in

to connect to the Love within me,

rather than up and out,

projecting blame and cynicism.

I commit to soften my heart

in open receptivity to people

who are acting unskillfully,

knowing that their behavior is not personal

and that they must be feeling insecure

in order to act out that way.

I commit to being attentive to myself

and mindful of my own behavior

so that I can discern whether my choices

are ego-driven or Love-centered.

I commit to recognizing that today is an opportunity

to generously enjoy life

given to me so extravagantly

by the One Who cares for me dearly.

And above all else,

I commit to living with an attitude of adoration and praise

for all that is

and the Great Lover of us all.


~Deep appreciation to Julie Smith for her intuitive names for God that inform my prayer life and bless me daily.

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