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Love's Benefaction

Poems From The Porch

The world is alive with sound this morning.

Even a surprise owl is adding his voice to the day’s song.

Sweet smells of spring and lavish wildflowers

are offering their own texture to the sacred present.

Pools of still water are reflecting under the great trees,

as evidence of the night’s thunderous storms.

No breeze has yet to stir,

but the coolness of the moment is enveloping everything

with the freshness of the season.

All of this is mine to enjoy in abundance,

my heart an overflowing repository

of gratitude for this gift.

Only a few days ago,

I was hijacked by shame

and consumed in the hellish misery

that only self-absorption can bring.

Then Love, pure and clear,

descended upon my heart,

washed clean my mind,

and bathed my body with the profoundest of peace.

I was redeemed from the pit.

The lifeline that rescued me from my self-deprecating sorrow

was the simple thought,

“This is not of God.”

By grace I was saved,

not by my own works;

there was nothing of which I could boast.

All I had to do was relax and let go,

open my hands, heart, and eyes

to receive the fullness of Love in the precious present.

I am doing that now,

with a smile most appreciative

of how Love never fails to seek and find those who are lost

and bring them back to the bountiful and opulent feast

that is Love’s benefaction.

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