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Poems From The Porch

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The master faced his worst nightmare willingly, initial resistance released.

The experience was not comfortable.

He felt utterly rejected.

Nothing about this scenario is pleasant to ponder.

Yet within a human lifetime, our most humiliating terror awaits, to a lesser extent, daily.

Prayer cannot keep it away, nor wishful thinking.

Rather, the skill that is required, as the master demonstrated, is complete surrender, acceptance of the utterly unacceptable.

Letting go of the pride that we think will save us leads to the resurrection of that within us which is indestructible.


Engaging With The Poem

Poetry can be a doorway to the soul and your own creativity. Throughout the ages, the written word has been used as a means to access personal truth and as a vehicle for prayer through the practice of sacred reading (lectio divina). I encourage you to try this beautiful practice and let its fruits be self-evident.

How to Practice Sacred Reading


Read the passage through slowly more than once, noticing how it feels in your body and the response of your heart.

Reflect: What word resonates with you? What phrase speaks to you? What overall personal meaning comes to you? Allow yourself to follow a tangent.

Respond by making space for the prayer of your heart to manifest. Write down the words and/or phrases that resonate with you and allow them to arrange themselves into your own poem or prayer.

Rest with your eyes closed, perhaps using the word that most resonates with you as your mantra for silent meditation.


Dear friend, May your mind be peaceful and calm, may your body be relaxed and comfortable, and may your heart be filled with love. Thank you for reading. Blessings and gratitude, Ani

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