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In Potential

Poems From The Porch

There is a quiet stillness in the air this morning.

The grass has adorned herself with splashes of white, yellow, and purple,

a stunning presentation of vibrancy.

This display inspires me to marvel

at how the flowers have been existing in potential all year long,

waiting to manifest at the appointed time.

What beauty is within me and you, poised to appear in its season?

Such an exciting prospect!

I will nurture and cultivate that inner beauty

with all the things that awaken me to love;

things like gratitude and prayer for others,

positive feelings and steadfast hope,

inspirational scripture that reminds me of how cherished I am,

and activities that make my heart smile.

And soon—almost by surprise—

I will be that field of flowers showing radiant on the ground of my life,

the sweet fragrance of Love,

for all to enjoy.

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