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Greetings, Favored One

advent reflection from Luke 1:28-29

Dear One,

I am writing to remind you of things you already know. Worthiness is not something you earn. Only the judging mind separates worthy from unworthy to feel good about itself in comparison. Likewise, feelings of guilt and shame can turn inward to form a judge and jury that reject inherent belonging. There is no justification for throwing a stone—even at oneself.

The great mystery is that the world appears to be composed of separate bodies, when in reality, there is only One. Indwelling Truth knows that judgment given is judgment received.

Today is the occasion for a fresh set of eyes and an attitude that bows to each person (and oneself) in silent recognition, “Greetings, favored one. The Lord is with you.”

Remember, this moment is an opportunity to connect to Love, and therefore, to live into the fullness of who you are.

As always, do what best awakens you to love,

Your Inner Wisdom

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