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For Freedom's Sake

Poems From The Porch

The fans on the porch are whirring their welcomed offering on this hot summer day

while a lone monarch is daintily dancing among the trees

to the cicadas’ lively serenade.

All is well in my world,

a grace not lost on me.

It is a sunny August day,

puffy cotton balls glued haphazardly

on the pastel blue sky.

The crêpe myrtle trees are raining their leaves

without the moisture of weeping.

Perhaps they are just hot and shedding their garments

or are no longer attached to that which isn’t serving them.

There is freedom in letting go

and trusting the process of life to bring the highest good.

There is also liberation in detaching from the moods of others

and the consequences of their unskillful actions.

Truly each person’s choices is a reflection of their state of mind

and the way they feel about themselves.

That is one reason why compassion is so important.

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