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Drinking Deeply of Breath

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Poems From The Porch

Robin red breast hopping in the yard

Blue jay observing from a limb

Woodpecker persistently drilling for attention

Distant sounds intermingling with the tinkling of chimes

Yet I am enveloped in the stillness of silence

Sun reassuring warmth on my shoulders

Heartbeat slowing

Recollecting myself from the morning’s activities,

now completed

Been early to the store

Gumbo cooking on the stove

My prayer time delayed, by necessity

Drinking deeply of breath

Closing my eyes

Feeling my way into this present moment

The ineffable arising

in the space now exposed

by a willing heart,

vulnerably ripe and tender

To sit and let go,

and to keep on releasing

until my hands and pocket

and every laden little crevice

are open to receive

what is here and now being offered

Connecting to the beauty and simplicity

of nothing required,

a channel,

not a vessel,

for Love’s eternal extravagance

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