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Destined To Bloom

Poems From The Porch

Two robins and a woodpecker—hop, hop, hop, rapid t t t t t t tapping.

Now the fluffy kitty has spied the robins, too.

alert and attentive,

engrossed and hopeful.

The days have been grey,

so the birds are singing enthusiastically to usher in the spring.

The beige grass is glowing neon in response,

an eager anticipation of its metamorphosis into green.

I feel a ready expectancy, too,

calling forth a new emergence,

a break in the routine,

a conscious reset facilitating the bursting forth of new buds,

fresh, vibrant, destined to bloom.

Wait for them.

Prepare the way.

Do you see them—can you feel them—

right beneath the topsoil of your life?

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