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By The Breath Of The One

Poems From The Porch

Little, white wildflowers are announcing the impending change of season,

their delicate petals like dots of glory sprinkled throughout the yard.

A lone duck has just landed in the water oak,

and after a brief sojourn,

flapped to a higher branch on the brother oak nearby.

The cardinal couple rested briefly in the crepe myrtle,

then moved on to other vistas.

Now the duck has taken flight,

and I see that there are two,

reminding me that we are never truly alone.

Listening to the sounds of the morning makes my heart smile—

rooster crowing, cat purring, dove cooing, so many sweet bird refrains—

Life singing a Love song with all of Her voices.

The richness and fullness of everything is overwhelming and magical,

diversity and generous abundance,

the norm, not the exception.

I am singing my Love song today, too,

making my unique contribution in Life’s grand symphony,

an instrument in the Divine musical,

sounding by the breath of the One.

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