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And How Do You Start Your Day?

Poems From The Porch

Good morning, robin!

Good morning, rooster!

Good morning, songbird singing so sweetly!

Good morning, dogs playing next door!

Good morning, kitties!

Good morning, porch that I love!

Monday morning beauty all around,

embraced with a cup of coffee by a fire.

Gratitude, the prayer of my heart,

tasked with loving it all.

In a flash, the sun arrives

to illuminate all of Love’s gifts,

created with care for you and for me.

Now the robin hops closer,

and a flock of birds swoops and twirls in the distance.

Amber and green,

grey sky melting into blue.

Now the calico kitty turns her head to look up at me

from her snuggly place on my lap

and partially closes her eyes

to communicate her contentment.

And that is what I am doing, too,

communicating my contentment, I mean,

to the One Who cares for me dearly,

the Author of my daily feast.

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