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The Gift of Silence

advent reflection from Luke 1

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Dear One,

I am writing to remind you of things you already know. Do not be afraid, for your prayer has been heard. You will have joy and gladness in its fruition.

If you do not yet believe that your heart’s desire will be fulfilled in its time, embrace the gift of silence until the day these things occur. Worry and negative speech feed the energy of doubt and reflect a forgetting of who you are as beloved and belonging. The indwelling Spirit of Love is FOR you and is the Originator and ground of your prayers. There is no need for you to try to figure out how your prayers will be fulfilled. Yours is only to hold these intentions in the silence of your heart with faith, hope, and love.

Remember, this moment is an opportunity to connect to Love, and therefore, to live into the fullness of who you are.

As always, do what best awakens you to love,

Your Inner Wisdom

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