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A Bit of Reverie

Poems From The Porch

An affectionate strawberry-blonde kitty hopped up on my lap this morning,

offering a deep, rumbling purr.

He is muscular and strong, the patriarch of the porch.

The husky hound a few doors down is adding his own voice to the day,

sometimes a bark, sometimes a howl,

everyone of us, such that we are in our own beingness.

I am enchanted by the choices I have in how I might show up today,

knowing that the options are endless,

a veritable buffet offered tenderly to me by the One Who cares for me dearly.

The savory dishes for sampling have names such as loving, patient, and kind,

along with the bitter and tart plates

of self-centered, offended, and perpetually dissatisfied.

Appetizers such as grateful and in awe

are lined up next to sarcastic and pessimistic,

all awaiting my selection.

I can taste whatever I like, for such is life,

and through experience,

I know the ones that leave me pleasantly content.

This is just a bit of reverie

to remind me of how fortunate I am to be alive right now,

sitting here on this porch, in love with Life.

There goes a butterfly twirling above the grass.

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