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Top Ten Self-Help Books for Your Summer Reading

Are you looking for a great summer read that will provide inspiration for your journey of self-transformation?

Here are my top ten picks in the self-help book category.

If you are an experienced counselor or a seasoned traveler on the self-help highway, chances are that you have already read and re-read these books. If not, you are in for a real treat! I feel confident that at least one or more of these gems will resonate with you and provide just the tool for which you have been looking at this time in your life.


If you are interested in improving your intimate relationships, this book is for you. The author hypothesizes that each of us has primary ways that we give and receive love and that learning to speak your loved one’s language is the key to transforming your relationship.


If there is a self-destructive person in your life who is causing you grief, this book is for you. This skilled author charts a course of release from the bondage of trying to control what is uncontrollable, resulting in your own empowerment.


If you are wanting to get your life in order, this book is for you. This self-help classic introduces the reader to the basic tools of leading a healthy, happy life from the inspiring author who healed herself of cancer.


If you enjoy using prayer as a gateway to self-discovery and your innate wisdom, this book is for you. Rather than a cover-to-cover read, this book is designed to be utilized when triggered by uncomfortable emotions and desiring communion with your Source.


If you are hoping for a simple way to jump-start change in your life, this book is for you. Based on Toltec wisdom, this book relies on four simple dictums that, when followed, contribute greatly to inner peace.


If you are looking for guiding principles in creating the life that you want, this book is for you. The author draws from the world’s wisdom traditions in outlining strategies that assist you in releasing obstacles and manifesting change.


If you are craving a book that will revolutionize your thinking, this book is for you. From a person who had a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 29 and thereafter cultivated his insights, this book takes the reader out of the imaginary world of the ego into the reality of the present moment.


If you are desiring to understand yourself (and other people) better, this book is for you. This recent book educates the reader on the Enneagram personality typing system, a powerful system for recognizing what drives us and how to build on our strengths (by Christian authors but for a wider audience).


If you are interested in cultivating compassion and becoming more skilled in forgiveness, this book is for you. Derived from the teaching in A Course in Miracles, this book is a simple explanation of how our own way of seeing the world traps us into feeling attacked and offended.


If you are looking for release from inner turmoil and your habitual reactions, this book is for you. My favorite, all-time, self-help master guide to which I return time-after-time, this book gives you the perspective behind it’s dictate to “relax and release” in every constricting circumstance.

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