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Ceremony Officiation

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A Celebration Uniquely Your Own


        Rev. Ani is available to officiate at personalized ceremonies, such as marriages, baby blessings or naming ceremonies, memorial services, and vow renewals.  She will join you in planning the unique service that you desire or will gather information from you and take charge of the service format herself.  You have as much or as little input as you wish.  


What to expect:


        As part of the planning process, Rev. Ani will give you questions to answer that are specific to your circumstances.  This will also include inquiring about your music and ritual preferences, as well as the key people who will be involved in the ceremony.  Rev. Ani will provide options to consider for those who would like a jump-start to their ceremony-planning.  Your wishes will be handled with tender care.


        The charge is based on the time spent in creating the ceremony, and an estimate will be given after the initial consultation.  


       Rev.  Ani does not organize ceremonial events or secure locations in which to have them.  Her service is limited to designing the ceremony that is uniquely reflective of your ideal celebration and officiating the service once it is created.

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